Snooker tournaments


Asian Tour 1


Australian Open, Australian Open - Qualification


China Championship, China Championship - Qualification, China Open, China Open - Qualification, International Championship, International Championship - Qualification, Shanghai Masters, Shanghai Masters - Qualification


Ebsa Qualifying Tour, European Masters, European Masters - Qualification, European Tour 1, European Tour 2, European Tour 3, European Tour 4, European Tour 5, European Tour 6


German Masters, German Masters - Qualification


Scottish Open, Scottish Open - Qualification

United Kingdom

Uk Championship


Welsh Open, Welsh Open - Qualification


6 Red World Championship, 6 Red World Championship - Play Offs, Challenge Tour 1, Challenge Tour 1, Challenge Tour 2, Challenge Tour 2, Challenge Tour 3, Challenge Tour 3, Challenge Tour 4, Challenge Tour 5, Challenge Tour 6, Challenge Tour 7, Challenge Tour 8, Champion Of Champions, Champions League, Champions League - Play Offs, Champions League - Winners Stage, Championship League, Championship League - Play Offs, Championship League - Winners Play Offs, Championship League - Winners Stage, Connie Gough Memorial Trophy Women, General Cup, General Cup - Play Offs, Paul Hunter Classic, Paul Hunter Classic - Qualification, Player Tour Championship Finals, Qualifying School 1, Qualifying School 2, Qualifying School 3, Snooker Shoot-Out, The Masters, The Masters Women, The Masters Women - Play Offs, World Championship, World Championship - Qualification, World Championship Women, World Championship Women - Play Offs, World Cup, World Cup - Play Offs, World Games, World Grand Prix, World Open, World Open - Qualification, World Senior Championship, World Senior Championship - Qualification